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With more than 20 million daily visitors, and even linking up with food giant, General mills, Farmville, today, has become the third most popular Facebook game behind CityVille and the Sims Social.  Do you realize that there are eight different Farmville guides on the market today?  And they all claim to be the best.  If you are uncertain as to which guides to purchase, your search for the best FarmVille guide has ended. On this site I have compiled a short list of the best guides in the marketplace today and have summarized everything you need to know in short, easy to read paragraphs.  Check them out for yourself and which guides are particularly suited for your gaming interests.

Hi.  I’m Rob Bell and like you, I have been looking for the best FarmVille Guides around, to help me elevate my game.  But, unfortunately, I have found most of them quite disappointing. I’ve gone ahead and purchased all of these guides, read through them and tested them in real life gaming scenarios but a lot of them don’t meet the expected grade to help me level up quickly and earn lots of coins. However, a few of these guides are the real thing, so here’s my detailed analysis of them:

Guide Reviewed: FarmVille Champ Editor’s Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Review Summary:
As always, T Dub launches the very best in the line of gaming guides and this time, it’s FarmVille Champ. This sets the standard as the top guide there is out there, making it the must-have all in one guide out there for the serious farmer.
Why FarmVille Champ and not any other? Well, for starters, it caters to both beginners and experts, this guide explains to you all the important and necessary techniques, all step-by-step, with relevant screenshots and videos. Also, its presented in a very simplified manner so you’ll be able to grasp and follow the instructions easily.
T Dub’s guide is full with illustrations and basically holds you by the hand while he “leads” and shows you how the pros do it to level quickly and efficiently. Also, he covers all the essential aspects of thegame and breaks it down systematically so it’s not too much information all at once. This is an all-in-one guide, so expect to master all the expert strategies as well as have his top secret “Underground FarmVille Stats” guide, Free FarmVille Cash Guide, FarmVille Champ Bonus Tips Guide as well as access to his top secret Videos page.
The other guides do not come close to what he’s providing… and what’s more, this is updated weekly (and its free lifetime updates) and with T Dub being one of the top gamers around, you can expect to know the latest and best strategies before anyone else in the game.
After giving all the FarmVille guides a go, its very obvious that the FarmVille Champ Guide is easily the best guide around. It’s spot on with the techniques and presents a fantastic value for the money compared to the other guides. Also, its content and quality as well as updates is the best out there, hence it gets my two thumbs up 5 star rating. In short, this is the most complete, up to date and easy to understand guide there is out there. Need I say more?
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Reviewed Guide: FarmVille Secrets

Editor’s Rating:  4.5 Stars out of 5
Review Summary:
General guide to excelling inFarmville. Tips include getting new neighbors, speed levelling, getting more coins,and getting Farm Cash for less.? FarmVille Secrets is the first and still maintains itself as one of the best guides out there in the market. It is constantly updated by one of the top FarmVille players, Tony Sanders and it has good content as well as detailed instructions and strategies to show players how to go about to dominate the game.
Affordably priced at $27, this provides excellent value for money and you get excellent tips and secrets to help you level up at top speed and earn tons of coins and FV Cash.
Also, the FarmVille Secrets guide comes with great pictures, illustrations and this makes it easier to understand. Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos provided but it still is cheaper than FarmVille Champ (priced at $37) which may be the determining factor in considering this.

The FarmVille Secrets guide is one of the few guides around with caters for beginners as well as experts who want to dominate the game easily. It has excellent content and easy to understand which makes it easy for the reader to do the tricks and techniques. It still presents good value for money based and you should consider this guide if you’re looking to excel in the game in no time, as early as tonight.
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Reviewed Guide: FV Templates Editor’s Rating:  3.5/5

Review Summary:
Nadia is a renowned gamer who has a totally differnet approach in FarmVille and is a professional designer of FarmVille farms. This guide teaches you how to design your farms, make it look 3D, have rivers and waterfall designs, the list is endless.
For the FarmVille addict who is crazy about ideas for designing and beautifying their farm, look no further. This is the guide which will turn your dreams into reality.
FV Templates shows in simple steps, how to have the 3D effect in your farm, from high rise buildings to waterfalls, everything is covered here. Also, very reasonably priced, this is a must get for people who are fanatics about their farm designs.

FV Templates is a great design guide for players with good information with relatively often updates. Get it when you’re ready to design and make your farm awesome.

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