Tips To Quickly Get Your Facebook Poker Chips Back When Your Facebook Poker Account Gets Suspended


As players from all over the globe head to webs like Myspace andFacebook to participate in games like Facebook Poker, quarrels and misunderstandings which unfortunately result in heated attitudes and unacceptable words in the game are certain to spill over and lead to a player’s account being banished or theirzynga poker chips becoming frozen or totally reset. Due to the fact facebook poker players normally invest a lot of time to improve their accounts andwin chips for facebook poker, this is rarely a pleasurable sight to be greeted with as soon as they log into their account anxious to play a few hands of poker only to see the horrible “YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED” message shown on the opening screen.

You don’t have to punch your computer or threaten to kick the dog however, because there are a few steps you can follow to take care of the problem and eventually restore access to the game and get your myspace poker chips back so you can start grinding away at the tables again.

Since there are countless different choices of facebook poker games from completely different designers, you will have to visit the relevant game programmers’s web site so that you can get in touch with the appropriate administrators who have the task of suspending and unfreezing accounts. Participants in Zynga’s Poker application must have a look at Zynga’s homepage, competitors in Playdom’s Poker Palace need to visit Playdom’s page, and competitors of Playfish’s Poker Rivals application will need to visit Playfish’s webpage so that they can be sure that the proper administrators are seeing their complaint.

As soon as you identify the appropriate web for the relevant game developer, surf on over to the “Support” section of their webs. That’s usually where they put up responses to often asked questions as well as report updates about program mistakes and patches.

Players in Facebook Texas Holdem Poker games might have their accounts reset for a variety of reasons. They may have their zynga poker chips frozen for swearing a lot in the chat window, offending remarks, cheating in facebook poker, or using offensive photos. Game makers depend on a player reporting system where they can evaluate a person’s bad behavior according to the number of reports submitted towards any one person. This allows them to observe players in the game without really monitoring the all the rooms.

Whether or not your zynga poker chips get unfrozen is dependent upon the severeness of your actions. Ordinarily a gamer who lost his temper and said some things he might not have meant in the chat box will usually get their myspace poker chips back by apologizing for what they did wrong. Many times players in facebook poker games do not understand what they said or did was inappropriate so most game designers are happy to give them one more chance.

Some mistakes on the part of the player might not always be forgiven so quickly though, or could hold a longer or heavier penalty. For example, your facebook poker chips may end up remaining banned for a few months or in some cases only a fraction of your chips may get returned to you. Producers of Zynga’s Poker program give you back only ten percent of your poker chips, as much as 1,000,000, though you can appeal this and request the total quantity be reinstated. Whichever you decide to pursue, it’s generally most effective to get in touch with them quickly after you discover that your facebook or myspace poker account has been frozen. The quicker you email them, the earlier your email will be researched and the faster you can get your facebook chips back.

Game makers such as playdom, zynga, playfish and electronic arts must take these types of measures to ensure that the integrity of their games is not compramised so they can provide a friendly and safe environment for gamers of all ages to socialize with their friends and family and enjoy their facebook poker chips without feeling threatened by other players.

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