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With the new addition of the ablility to planting flowers in Farmville, everyone is wondering if they are worth taking the time to plant. Not to mention we all want to know what types of flowers there are, how long they take to grow, and how much they are worth upon harvesting. You’re about to find out all the details right here in this article!

Planting Flowers in Farmville - A Comprehensive List

Each flower has its own properties such as growing time, harvest value, and experience value. I’m about to break down each flower for you.

Daffodils – Daffodils are easy for planting flowers in Farmville. They take 46 hours to grow. You can rake in 135 coins for each harvested sale and also gain two experience for doing so.

Red Tulips – Red tulips take a mere 23 hours to grow upon planting. You will receive 159 Farmville coins for selling them and you will also get 2 experience for harvesting.

Pink Roses – Pink Roses take a massive 46 hours to grow. But they are worth 254 coins per sale, so it’s not too bad. These also reap 2 experience points.

Sunflowers – Sunflowers are among the two best flowers to plant. They take only 23 hours to fully mature and pay you back with 315 coins and 2 XP.

Lavenders – Lavenders are worth the most in value per sale at 384 coins but take 46 hours before being able to harvest. As with every flower they produce 2 XP.

Lillies – These are gems in the flower class. They take just 23 hours to mature and reward you with 369 coins and 2 XP.

So what can you do with this information? Work your way up and as you get to the better flowers, keep planting the ones that give you the most money per hour until you’ve maxed out your cash! It’s as easy as that.

Hopefully this little guide has helped you!

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