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As web developed quickly since the beginning of the 21st century, so is the mass communication. Apart from TV, radio and papers which we are so used to in learning what is happening around the world, social media becomes the latest addition. Such as Twitter and Facebook.

In this article, we will be focusing on Facebook and how to engage your customers there.

With its rapid advancement and user presence in its application functions, Facebook now becomes the top social networking site.

There are several reasons for this which are hardly surprising to most of us. The easy use of features,  adding content, sharing with friends and finding old classmates on common internest or good old pre-web days is one great feature. You can also create discussion groups and fan pages based on your interest, niche and finding people with similar passions.

Facebook features are more commonly referred to as applications. They serve as open platform for web developers and programmers to create and run different programs within its framework.

Having said that what is so special about its applications? More importantly, how do you use them to engage your customers?

Before those applications were created, Facebook was more about conventional social media usage like making and adding friends based on familiarity and common interests.

After those applications came into place, members usage now expanded into other aspects such as social gaming whereby you can invite friends from all over the world to participate. Games like Farm Ville, Fortune Cookies and Mafia Wars are the most popular among members. Since opening its programming platform, Facebook has over 1000 certified programmers and developers in digital software applications for games like those.

In the modern days of web, gaming is no longer just for kids but for working adults. So if you are a gaming fan like me, you might want to create a fan page and group on gaming for all gamers to congregrate and discuss openly with their views. This will help to brand yourself which in this case is gaming.

Apart from games, you can form fan pages and groups on other niches based on your own web. Niches like making money online, Forex, buying properties, baking cakes, learning golf are becoming popular too.

Overall, Facebook applications serve as an effective tool to captivate its audiences for a longer period. For instances users hooked on games will definitely want to play until the end. The same goes for videos.

This in turn build a strong list of subscribers and eventually customers who will definitely want to buy again and again. So building your brand is extremely important as it stands you out from other competition and enables you to turn your dreams into reality faster.

However there are guidelines to follow when it comes to creating and submitting your product. As members, you should be constantly updated so as to continue running the applications smoothly and effectively.

Ultimately you still need to follow up with them constantly so as to keep the relationships going and build up their trust in your further. That to me is the key to long-term success no matter what your business is.

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