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To market properly, you need to communicate effectively and delivering the right message to right people. When Facebook started, effective marketing has been a major challenge to marketers since they wanted to reach out to people without being accused of spamming.

With over 500 million users worldwide and still growing, Facebook is emerging as one of the front runners in social media phenomenon with more and more members being involved in sharing relevant and quality content apart from friend-to-friend exchange. In fact, online conversations are taking place all over the world either via users’ walls, group discussions, fan pages and online chats.

With the rise of Facebook, TV, radio and newspapers are no longer the main sources of mass communication. Neither are they the only advertising platforms which used to be owned by companies and entrepreneurs with huge budget. Today everyday people like you and me can advertise and reach out to people with minmum budget or even free if we know how to do it correctly.

Whatever we seek – be it a product or topic, we can type it under the search tool bar and find it among online conversations. Based on these comments and information given, we more or less have a better and clearer idea of what the market wants.  Believe me when I say all this information is priceless as compared to doing market research or testing and certainly save a lot of time.

Now that I am going to elaborate on how to market properly on different channels of Facebook.

Fan Pages And Groups

Facebook users form fan pages and groups based on their common interests and formed discussions from there.  They usually start off with friends and expanded their fan bases or groups from there. This is also how they create their brand in order to contact and create a strong bond through friendship, rapport and trust building.

One great example is the video I watched recently. It is one of the 4 videos by Chris Farrell and Mike Fulsaime before they officially launched their online coaching program AffiliateDotCom.

In that video, Chris formed a group called Internet Marketing – How To Do It Properly. Then he invited all his friends via email to join his group. During that time, he did not promote anything but shared valuable content on what you need to know about how to actually make money online.

His friends liked what they saw and recommended their friends as well through sharing. This resulted in Chris’s group expanding to over 900 members in about 2 weeks.

In the third week, Chris then recommended an affiliate product to them. It is Killer Video Squeeze Pages by Ken Walker. But even so, he did not send them to the actual sales page but his own review site whereby he shoot a Youtube video of himself recommending that product verbally apart from just text messages.

His friends bought and he earned an average of over $1000 everyday. That goes to show how powerful Facebook groups are if you know – like what Chris said – how to do it properly.

Branded Applications

Branded applications can range from entertainment in movies, music to sports and games like the ever popular Farm Ville and Mafia Wars.


This is exactly like Pay Per Click advertising whereby you set up campaigns based on how much you are willing to set as your daily budget and pay for every click on your ad. Though this is a paid service, the rates are reasonable and the rewards are tremendous.

Having mentioned those, the possibilities Facebook provides are limitless. Yet they can be achieved with maximum results. But even when you market your products and services, you should not put making money as your priority even though that is important to your business. You are still dealing with people and should treat them just like how you want them to treat you. Without which, all those channels of communication lost their effectiveness and became useless.

Overall Facebook is the fastest way to reach out to people all over the world. It is just a matter of marketing properly that will really make a difference to your business and income in the long run.

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