Secrets Behind Crop Mastery in FarmVille


It is important to understand Crop Mastery within Farmville although it isn’t always easy. Crop Mastery is used for planting the same crop but also leveling up at the same time. Each type of seed in Farmville has three levels of crop mastery, and it is necessary to complete a certain number of successful harvests if you want to achieve these levels. Crop Mastery becomes available to you at level 10 in the game.

Getting crop mastery rewards is like getting ribbons. Every time you level up you will receive coins and XP. To get a premium crop, you have to get level 3 mastery in that crop and then every time you plant the crop, there’s a chance it will be a premium crop. Premium Crops are those that look a little bigger than normal and gives XP when you harvest. Each seed is going to give different XP and have a different chance of turning into a premium crop.

After you get to level 3 in crop mastery, you get a mastery sign that you can put in your farm wherever you like. What better way to show off your mastery of a particular crop to your neighbors than a sign?

What crops should you choose to master? For Farmville, it all really just depends on if you’re playing casually or hardcore and what your trying to accomplish. One thing to remember is that you should really aim for crop mastery with the types of crops that you plan to continue growing the most. It’s best to master crops that give lots of coins and XP, like some of the berry plants. Blackberries are an excellent crop to master later in the game, but require a great number of harvests to achieve level 3 mastery. Since tomatoes and pumpkins are already high-performing crops for XP gain, they’re really great choices to help you attain early mastery.

No matter what your choice is, you will get a lot more enjoyment out of your Farmville game by utilizing crop mastery. Extensive patience and copious planting is the key to becoming a master of many crops.


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