The objective of marketing be it online or offline is all about reaching the right market with relevant products. Because ultimately this is what brings in the results as in there will be more people willing to buy those products and you in turn generating more sales.

The traditional methods are coldcalling, door knocking, flyer distribution and referring the people you know like your family, friends and relatives. For big companies, they are willing to advertise in magazines, papers, TV and even with celebrities’ endorsement. Now with social media like Facebook, it changed the face of marketing entirely.

Facebook used to be the online communication channel among friends. But as the number increasing rapidly with over 500 million users at the time of me writing this, it revolves into more than just means of communication. It is hard to believe that Facebook – which was started by Mark Zuckerberg – has now become the greatest phenomenon online.

The ability to participate in online chats, send images and video links, create fan pages and groups at a mouse click is what makes Facebook immensely popular and lucrative way of reaching out to potential customers for most business owners. Even so, these are just some of the various social applications Facebook has.

Other features include playing games like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars, sharing photo albums and favourite things with fellow users.

So having said those, how will these help you as an web marketer?

Facebook has several avenues of communications which works the same way with TV. Such as:


Advertising on Facebook is the exactly the same as advertising on major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

The only difference is that you can specify your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear. So not everybody will see your ad but only those related to your niche.


Groups are very similar to forums in the way they are being formed as online social communities based upon a common interest and passion. For instance if you want to teach people how to cook effectively, you can form a group specially for people who likes cooking but do not know how to cook.

Chris Farrell has demonstrated a very good example in the second prelaunch video of AffiliateDotCom whereby he formed a group called Internet Marketing – How To Do It Properly. He started off by inviting all his friends via email. Then when his friends like his content about the proper ways to market online, they in turn invited their friends. This in turn increased to about 900 group members in 2 to 3 weeks.

During that time, he did not promote anything at all but kept on sharing good quality information. Once people like and trust him, he recommended a Clickbank product to them in the third week. The result was over 9o percent of his group bought and he had been earning over $1000 daily.

That goes to show how powerful groups are if you know how to use them correctly.

Fan Pages

Facebook allows everyone to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities, topics and and even businesses.

Fan pages have unique ability to convey first hand information about what you offer and you getting more friends in the process. The more friends you have, the higher chance you have in turning them into customers so long as you provide good quality information.

Branded Applications

Another way to communicate is by creating a branded application.

This can be a game or contest with your title, name and brand.

The options Facebook provide can be widely and creativity explored and modified for bringing maximum benefits and generating multiple revenues.

However before promoting anything, you need to build rapport and trust in your relationships with them first. Once you achieved that, promoting your product will be much easier.

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