How to Get Farmville Coins : Fast & Easy

In Farmville your work pays off in the form of coins and experience points. In order to move on in the game and truly master the art you need to get Farmville coins fast! This mini-guide will show you just how to do it.

One little thing you can do is harvest raspberries. They take about 2 hours to produce. It takes a little time to do, but it can have your bank account soaring with Farmville coins fast!

Do this: Think of Farmville as a business. Start off small. Do the least amount of work needed to turn the biggest profit. Work smart, not hard. Reinvest your money into crops that will produce even more Farmville coins. After raspberries, move on to peas. As with anything else time is money. Peas take just a bit longer to harvest.

Plan ahead and you could very well rake in coins even faster. Schedule yourself so that you allot a set amount of time to plant. Then leave your computer, do what you need to, and come back later to harvest. And then wash and repeat the process over and over, moving up to more profitable crops as you progress. It’s that easy!

Want another method? To get coins very quickly help your pals out when they’re away or out. Clean up their farm and try earning them a few ribbons. Sounds like a lot to do for a few coins right? Most people, me included, have either school or work to attend to as well. We want Farmville coins fast! Try to organize a time of day to help all your neighbors in one hit. Remember, work smart for best profit, not hard for nothing.

There are those on that have amassed over 4 million coins and you can do it too if you work smart at Farmville. Take these few tips and run with them.

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