How To Get Farmville Coins For Free!


How to Get Farmville Coins For Free

Farmville has become an even more massive social media game than it’s predecessor, Mafia Wars. The game, in just a few month, has millions of active users planting, fertilizing, and harvesting crops every day.

Trying to Figure out How to Get Farmville Coins for Free?

The game does boast a few little flaws, though. One of the main flaws being that getting coins in the game comes only from harvesting or BUYING them. So how can you avoid having to purchase coins? Well, I’m about to show you a couple of ways that you can get Farmville coins free!

Love Thy Neighbor

Never has this statement ever held so true in an online game. The first way to get free Farmville coins is by helping out your neighbors. How does this help? Well every time that you click on that button to help your neighbor, you get free coins tossed in your account for doing practically nothing! To load up on these Farmville coins for free, make sure you invite everyone you can to be your neighbor! Grab your friends, your family, your co-workers, your messenger buddies, and anyone else that you can. This will increase your wealth massively.

Grab a Ribbon

Another highly successful way of getting coins for free is by working on obtaining Farmville ribbons. Ribbons not only unlock achievements in the game but they also reward you with buckets of cash! Work on building up your farm with buildings, animals, trees, and crops and these ribbons will come to you quite quickly.

Use Your Green Thumb

Lastly, another great way to make even more free Farmville coins is by growing the right crops. How do you know which are the “right” crops? Shoot for plants that offer the most monetary value for the least amount of time. Almost all berry-related crops are great for this. They grow quickly and pay very well upon harvesting. Keep doing this over and over and as you move up in the game you’ll unlock even better plants. Just make sure that you’re always bringing in the best hourly rate that you can. Sometimes the plants with the biggest payouts aren’t always the best, so come up with a good strategy to earn the most free Farmville coins you can in the smallest amount of time!

With these methods you’re bound to be raking in mountains of Farmville coins for free in no time!

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