How do you play FarmVille on the iPhone?


You’ve spent countless hours planting your new blueberry crop and you figure that your life would be much better if there was way you could take FarmVille on the go. You login to the iPhone App Store and try a keyword search for a FarmVille application.  Unfortunately you quickly learn that not only does the iPhone application doesn’t exist, you can’t even use the Safari browser to play FarmVille on Facebook.

Is it a crime that the hottest web game today isn’t on the hottest phone? Farmville is not on the iPhone. That’s a harsh reality a lot of the iPhone and Farmville users have to deal with. The official reason why you can’t play your favorite game on the iPhone is because the Operating System on the Iphone doesn’t play any type of Adobe Flash, the underlining technology used to make Farmville awesome.

Does that mean you are out of luck for ever playing FarmVille on the iPhone? If you believe in the Internet rumors then you will be glad to know that Apple and Adobe are currently trying to develop a way to use Flash on the iPhone. Neither side will officially comment on the issue, but Apple Insider webs claim that sometime in the future a version of Flash will soon find its way on the popular device.

Even though there is no application on the iPhone to play Farmville, you can still use your phone to enhance your game play. You can use the iPhone’s built in calender to schedule when your next crop is expected to be ready for harvest. You can also talk on Farmville’s manufacture’s web to discuss  the game with other users, and perhaps get  advice  how to better your gaming skills.

So not having FarmVille on the iphone isn’t a total loss!

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