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Frontierville, without doubt, is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Frontierville was created by Zynga, the company behind games such as Farmville, Cityville, Fishville and Petville.

For those of you that play Frontierville regularly, you will know that it can take some time to really dominate the game and level up. There are lots of “guides” that supposedly reveal exactly how to dominate Frontierville, but most are a waste of time and don’t reveal anything new.

I did, however, come across one guide that really DOES help you to dominate Frontierville and level up. (Check it out: ???????This guy reveals how he managed to reach level 100, reach 21,721 in Energy, 91,000 Wood, 150,000+ Food, owned all the buildings and more; and still had over $14,000,000 Coins and 2,000+ horseshoes.

What’s even better, is that his secrets and tips are 100% legal, their current and updated regularly to stay ahead of the game. No doubt you often wonder like I did; how are people making so much money so fast and getting so much energy? Well this guy literally tells all. Due to this guy’s success, he upset a few tycoons on the game as he reveals all the tips and secrets they were using in order to dominate the game too. Nevertheless, he released this guide that is available to everyone, in every country.

It’s also great if you enjoy playing Frontierville, but don’t have the time to play it as much as you would need to, in order to progress further into the game. With this guy’s tips, you’ll be able to spend far less time playing it, while still being able to level up and earn far more money that you would have been able to even if you were playing it twice as much.

Anyway, thought I’d post about this guide as it’s real useful to those interested in learning how to dominate the game.

PS. If you play games on Facebook regularly, I expect you play Farmville too. Once you’ve got this Frontierville guide, check out this guide for Farmville! ( – Again, it reveals exactly how to dominate Farmville too – pretty amazing!

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