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Farmville Cash, also known as Farmville dollars, Farm Cash or FV Cash is the most difficult to get on Facebook’s Farmville. The easiest and quickest way to get it is to BUY it. Yep, that’s right and this implies trading Real money for Virtual money.

Many people don’t agree with this and the alternative ways to get Farm cash are already getting spread all over the Internet. Let’s see what you can do to get more Farm Cash:

Level Up

One of the easiest ways to get Farm cash is to level up. Every time you level up you win One Free FV cash, so you need to know how to raise your XP level really fast. There are two main things you can do to raise your XP level. First, you need to plant the crops that give you more XP points, and second, you need to know when to plant them. If you are able to do this you can level up really fast, gaining more XP points and more Farm cash.


You can fill up surveys or quizzes if you click on the “Get More Farm Coins” Tab on the Farmville screen. This seems like an easy task but it can be really boring, and they can also ask you for personal information. Be careful when you choose surveys or quizzes to fill because some of them are scams to make you buy products or to get access to your personal information.

How to get Free FV Cash without levelling up or without filling surveys or quizzes?

Stash FV Cash With Farmville Secrets

I know it’s hard to make Fv Cash but if you want the easiest and fastest way to win lots of it and without filling surveys or paying Real money, it is suggested to use the Farmville Secrets Guide.

This guide contains all the secrets that only the best Farmville farmers know to win Free FV cash. Farmville Secrets can show you how to create your own system developed by the pros to help you winning a lot of Free FV Cash and keep it coming in.

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