Farmville Tips – How to Get Farmville Cash Without Cheating


Farmville is a flash based game on Facebook designed by Zynga Social games. The game is like other “Sims” type games with the object of this one being to, you guessed it, build a farm! Players plant crops, trees and tend to animals and in turn sell the crops and tree when fully grown and ready to be harvested and sell whatever the animals produce (for example: wool from sheep, milk from cows, eggs from chickens and many more). Players also earn “money” every time they level up and money can be used to purchase items that aren’t available to purchase with coins. Players can buy decorations (fences, hay bales, picnic tables, topiaries etc.), buildings (house, barns, tool sheds etc.), vehicles (tractor, harvester and seeder) and eventually you can purchase an upgrade to expand your farm.

Some of the most common questions I hear from people asking for Farmville tips involve how to get Farmville Cash. This usually leads to two follow up questions: How does it differ from Farmville Coins? Is it even worth seeking out new ways to earn it?

Cash is one of the forms of currency players of the Farmville game on Facebook can earn to limited edition items, decorations, extra fuel for vehicles and alternate versions of items you can buy with coins (ex: a barn painted black instead of the traditional red). Coins are for necessities and the items you need to buy to generate revenue.

Here’s how to get Farmville Cash without cheating:

Increasing Your Level.

Every time you level up you get 1 note of cash. New users are lucky because us vets of the game started playing before this feature was implemented and we were not given the amount of cash to match our levels in Farmville.

Filling Out Offers.

Players can earn cash by filling out offers including surveys, signing up for book clubs and cell phone ring tones just to name a few. You are given the option of sorting the offers by free offers, pay offers and cell phone offers. Pay close attention to the cell phone offers because most of these are subscription based services.

Pay for Cash With Cash

Yes, you read that right. You can buy Farmville cash with real cash. The prices are low and some of the items are nice.

Considering I like Halloween so much I now have a nice graveyard set up on my farm so, for me, it was worth spending the time and money. Maybe you will feel the same about the items you see.

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