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In the Farmville, you are able to find many shortcuts that almost people never figure out. It is the proper way in front of your faces when you play the game, but if you don’t think too much about it, you can miss it! We are going to discuss some completely legal shortcuts in the Farmville that will help you level up fast.

1)    On that Farmville, the first shortcut is one that most people know, but it is very important that you should try this. If you want to make sure that you box your avatar in when you start the game, you should do this so that your avatar doesn’t have to walk all over the board when you perform tasks. This will help you to save you a lot of time in Farmville.

2)    The second shortcut has to do with neighbors and gifts. Actually you do not have to spend a lot of money on animals, trees, and other gifts. Just start to get a ton of neighbors by joining forums where people are talking about the game. Make a lot of friends in the forums, and you will start to get a lot of gifts from people. You won’t have to pay for more chickens and pigs and cows as these will be gifted to you!

3)    The third shortcut is to buy all of the vehicles as soon as possible. You need to buy the Harvester, the Seeder, and the Tractor. The vehicles are worth it because they save you a ton of time. Once you save all this time, you can spend time on your neighbor’s farms making more coins and leveling up!

These are some of the Farmville shortcuts your neighbors hope you never figure out. I encourage you to implement these shortcuts into your game strategy to become the best Farmer!

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