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Do you want to become a rich farmer on Facebook’s FarmVille game? If yes, then what you need is a FarmVille farm cash cheat. Here are some ways in which you can earn fast cash in this popular and well-loved game.

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First: For quick profits, plant raspberries. They mature in as little as two hours, gaining you some good forty-six coins. Blueberries may take a little longer to grow, but the wait is surely worth it because they will ultimately make you earn ninety-one coins. Another great option is to plant strawberries, because they mature in a matter of four hours and will let you earn thirty-five coins.

Second: Raise farm animals such as chickens, cows, and sheep. Doing this will not make you very rich, but unlike crops, they do not go bad and will not need much care. The same goes for growing trees. Doing this will not make you very rich, but they will be there for you without wilting. Cherry trees, for example, take two days for a mere gain of eighteen coins; apples trees take three days for twenty-eight coins; and lime trees take five days for seventy-five coins.

Third: If you really want to make some cash, you may visit your neighbors and lend them a hand by cleaning up the weeds, raking up leaves, or scaring crows away. By doing this, you will gain some extra coins and hands on experience as well. Fourth: Expand your farm. Bigger fields will allow you to plant more, thus, gain more profit. Fifth: Another way to gain some coins is by visiting your Facebook homepage and checking if any of your friends have recently won any ribbons. Here, you will have the option of getting a bonus from them.

Just like in real life, farming can be a passionate hobby which requires time and dedication.

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