Farmville Horse Stables – The Quick And Easy Guide


Tips on how to get a Horse Stable on your Farmville farm

The FarmVille Horse Stables are a great addition to the FarmVille game. Now it is possible to store your horses and harvest them all at the same time.

We all know that it is too easy to run out of space in FarmVille regardless of the size of your farm. So, with the release of the Horse Stables we can free up a bit of space for all the other goodies we want and they really help regardless of what level you are on. 

Space and Time Saving Advantages of the Horse Stables 

  • Stables hold a maximum of 20 horses
  • Can harvest all your horses at once
  • Horses are harvestable after 24 hours 

Here Is What You Need For Your Horse Stable  

  • Space! The Horse Stable needs around six plowed plots of land
  • Horse Stable frame – free in gift box
  • 10 bricks (you get one free)
  • 10 Wooden boards
  • 10 Harnesses
  • 10 Horse Shoes
  • 10 Nails 

Sourcing your materials from your friends and neighbors 

Just like with every other free gift, after you accept it you will find it in your gift box. Clicking on the ‘use’ button will send your gift to your horse stable. 

  • Post a feed with the items you need
  • Up to 10 friends per day can click on the feed and send you an item
  • Everyone gets two of the materials in the Free Gifts tab
  • The two Free material gifts change every week

The materials are random so you will get different items from some of your friends

Make sure you gift your free materials to increase chances of getting what you need. 

Purchasing your horse stable materials 

If you want to build your horse stable in a hurry, do not have enough friends and have a stash of FV cash then pop over to the market and buy your materials.  

  • Each item currently costs 1 FV cash
  • You need 50 items from the market so will mean spending 50 FV cash
  • Your purchases will automatically be stored in your stable

Helping your neighbors out with their Horse Stable 

  • Posting a feed on your wall announcing that you are setting up your stable and asking them to lend a hand gives any friends that help 100 coins.  
  • When you have 25 building material items you will get a chance to post a feed to your wall. First ten neighbors to hit this feed will get a random Horse Stable building item 
  • When your horse stable is complete, you will again be able to post a feed. The first five neighbors to hit this feed will get a free gray horse. You also get one when your stable is complete. 

So, watch out for your neighbors feeds so that you can benefit from these bonuses too. 

Once again having lots of neighbors in the FarmVille game gives you a fantastic advantage. We reviewed FarmVille Secrets – the guide with all the tips for all the levels in FarmVille including how to get neighbors, cash, coins and the ultimate farm. Read our review of FarmVille today and see if it will help you in your game. FarmVille Secrets reviewed for you.

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