Farmville: Hints, Tips, Coins & More!


Are you struggling to build up your farm on Farmville? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to get free Farmville coins fast? Either way the tips I’m about to share with you in this article are going to be invaluable and will help you succeed with ease in the Farmville game. These Farmville hints & tips work!

Swelling Your Bank Account with Free Farmville Coins Fast

One crucial tip which is actually kind of obvious, but often overlooked, is the fact that you need to be planting and harvesting plants that will give you the most financial gain. When you’re first starting out you should be planting and harvesting strawberries. They take only 4 hours before being able to be harvested and pay out well. Most people, however, jump on growing pumpkins instead because they are worth slightly more. But they also take 8 hours to grow. If you were to break these figures down, you’d find that growing strawberries will make you about $8.75 an hour whereas growing pumpkins will only rake in about $8.5 an hour. It may seem like a small difference but in the long run strawberries are going to fill your account with free Farmville coins faster.

Harvesting Crops on Time

This is another Farmville tip that a lot of people don’t think about and end up frustrated with their farm results. Once you plant your crops, you need to make sure that you’re back at your computer to harvest them the minute they are fully grown. Why is this? Because your plants are worth more the faster you harvest them. The longer you wait, the more your crops depreciate in value. And if you wait too long they will “wither away”. So make sure to harvest your crops in the allotted time frame to rake in the most Farmville coins that you can for them.

Last, But Not Least…

One last hint for you to use to build up quickly. Once you are able to, plant and harvest raspberries. They take a measly two hours to grow and bring in 46 coins. Another good choice that you should make use of is blueberries. They take a bit longer but they also give you 91 coins upon harvesting.

So, with the above listed Farmville hints, tips, and farming tips you should be able to bring in some quick coins in the game.

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