Farmville Hints and Tips – How to Get Ahead in Farmville


How frustrating is it to log into your Facebook account only to see your friends flying past you in Farmville? They’re achieving things at a much faster rate than you and if you don’t have enough time set aside to play it’s downright discouraging. Farmville is addictive and anyone who has played seems compelled to play again and again. It’s easy to get started and the competitive nature of it makes it that much more thrilling.

So are there ways you can speed you your progress so your friends aren’t levels past you? Sure there are. Obviously you already know that in order to move through the levels in Farmville you’ve got to gain experience points. The way to do that is through working on your farm. Each time you finish plowing a field of land you’re going to gain some points from experience. Focus on doing that in the initial stages of the game so you can move through the first few levels quickly.

One good trick to remember is to choose the types of crops you plant wisely. Although you may think it’s great to have a crop that is ready to harvest in a day, you’re just not going to get the same amount of experience points as you would had you chosen a crop that takes several days to mature. Every decision like that is important and you need to weigh the advantage of the speed against the number of points you’re going to eventually get.

Never overlook the power in setting up new buildings on your farm. This is a fantastic way to gain experience points. You need to cash in order to set up the buildings so save up as much as you can and you’ll be well on your way to catching up to everyone else on Farmville.

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