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Are you among the new numerous Facebook Farmville players who are trying to figure out what is the purpose of flowers and what it can do for you in Farmville game, then panic no more. I have put together a short Farmville flowers step by step guide that should help you to decide whether it’s worth your time to plant flowers and if you must do, when and how to do it.

  • In Farmville game, Flowers are cash crops which can be sold in the market like most of other crops, which in return you can make money off flower crops after harvesting and selling them at the market.
  • Among the best two types of flowers worth your time to grow are the Sunflower and Red Tulips. Because both of them take at just 23 hours to grow and will reward you 315 and 159 coins respectively while others will take up to 46 hours to grow will lesser coins when time taking is taken into consideration. They will also earn you 2 XP. This is the best any flower crop can earn you.
  • The Second best flower crops worth planting is Lilies. It also takes 23 hours to grow and will net you 369 coins and you also get 2XP like other flowers when you harvest and sell them.
  • Lavender is the highest earning flower, bringing you 384 coins when you sell them, but like Pink Roses, which earn 254 coins, they take a whopping 46 hours to grow. Definitely NOT a quick cash generating crop!
  • The Highest earning flower is Lavender which will get you 384 coins when you dispose them. But it will take you 46 hours to grow and ready for harvest. Pink Roses will also took the same hours to grow but will earn you 254 coins. Definitely it is not a quick cash generating crop.
  • Another type of flowers that I will not encourage you to waste your time on is Daffodils, though relatively easy to grow but it will take you 46 hours to grow and earn you only 135 coins when you sell them.
  • The number one rule of Farmville Flowers Guide is not to start planting crops that will take longer time to grow and harvest. Though they can make you a lot of money in the long run but the wait can be painful especially when you are just starting out. So Farmville Flower Guide advices that you start with those with shorter hours to grow and harvest such as Sunflowers and Red tulips, Berries and Vegetable Crops.
  • You need to make sure that you keep in mind when your flower crops will be ready will be ready for harvest, so that you can get them to the market and make your money back soonest.
  • Worthy of note or tip for Farmville Flower Guide is to interchange flower crops that develop faster with flowers that take longer to mature. This will enable you to have cash at all time but in short and long run.

I hope this Farmville Flower Guide has helped clear some questions you may be having difficulties to understand about flower crops. You must have also understood whether they are viable money spinner for your farm and which one you should focus on first.




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