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Farmville Fast Plow and Fast Plant Cheat

Hello fellow farmville farmers – thanks for visiting the “Farmville Facebook Fast Plow and Plant” information page. My name is Joshua and I LOVE playing the Facebook Farmville game onj my pc or laptop -

especially while I am at work or bored out of my mind.

Farmville Facebook Cheats

Its a great game that we can play with each other and I have found that I actually MAKE friends too- its awesome. BUT – I have noticed that many of the same “friends” I have on Farmville, are also the highly competitive Farmers, you know, the ones that dont want to give out ANY of the cheats and tips that could really help out the new Farmville Players.

So here is a cool little Farmville Facebook Tip/Cheat that will help you to really get things done in a hurry -and it wont get you kicked off or get your account cancelled either.

Step 1- Create a Good Plot Of Land

O.K. , what you want to do here, is create a nice open plot of land. Pick out a section in your field of plots – and what we want here , is nothing but a plot with grass on it.

Next – after you have selected the plot of land that you wish to plow and plant on, you are going to walk your farmer (player) to the very middle of the land. Make sure you do this correctly, this is how we get the Plowing and Planting dome extra fast.

The main trick, after we get our farmer in the middle of the land, is to trap him/her inside of 4 walls. We will use some simple fence that can be grabbed at our market place.

Make sure to grab some of the cheapest fencing you can get – this is just for the purpose of making our farmer plow and plant as fast as possible.

Once you buy the cheap fence, it is important that you surround your farmer with 4 walls of fence. This will trap the farmer -and get him ready to go!

O.K. , you have got the farmer surrounded with the gence -now, all you have to do, is click on 2 parts of the fence, this will swing it open and your farmer will be ready to plow and plant faster than before.

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