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FarmVille Cheats – Knowledge is power!

With over 60 million gamers in the world, Farmville has no doubt become the most popular online game at present. As such, the searches for FarmVille tips, strategies, cheats and secrets have increased prominently as well. A truly phenomenal feat. Here you will discover FarmVille cheats packed with new tips and secrets to aid you in your quest.

To succeed in the world of Farmville, the very first thing you need is money, and a lot of it. Apart from that, with money, you can even get yourself a luxurious FarmVille villa, the icon that marks your dominant status. To own the Farmville villa, it is as good as learning how to earn money fast. And the fastest way to build up your collection of coins is by practicing the soy bean trick.

In FarmVille, soy beans yield a huge amount of returns following their harvest. Therefore, it is a wise idea to start growing soy beans. After a short period of harvest, you will make it pass level 20. Afterwhich, you will gain access to broccoli which is much profitable harvest as compared to soy beans. Switch to planting broccoli religiously and your money will add up in a very fast pace.

If you choose to use FarmVille cheats be warned that you will have a huge advantage over other players! :)

Another way to earn coins is by offering help to your neighbors everyday. To speed up this process, try adding neighbors from active gaming forums and common groups so that you can help more farmers daily. With a constant practice for a few weeks without fail, you will become a wealthy farmer for sure, rich enough to buy yourself a FarmVille villa.

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