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FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation online game which is also available as an application on Facebook. The game lets you to manage a digital farm by planting, growing and harvesting your digital crops. It also lets you place and harvest trees and livestock. FarmVille has easily become the most popular game on Facebook since it’s launch in June 2009. It currently has over 60 million players.

Farmville Trees:

You can buy trees or receive them as gifts from your neighbors. You can harvest trees and each strain will give you a different reward. As compared to crops, trees to not rot if you leave them unattended too long. You can move trees around your farm after placing them as compared to crops which are stuck where you plant them.

Farmville Animals:

Animals can be bought or received as gifts as well. They also do not expire if you do not harvest them in time. Sometimes when visiting neighbor’s farms you will find loose animals and get a reward if you catch them. Sometimes you will find wild animals on your farm too. Farmville will ask you what you want to do with the animal, either ignoring it or publish it so your neighbors have a chance to adopt it. You will also get a reward for publishing the lost animal.

Farmville Buildings and Farmville Decorations:

You have to purchase buildings and decorations, it’s the only way to get them. Most will give you an experience reward when you plop them in your farm. Some special buildings give other rewards, such as the Dairy Farm or Chicken Coop. These special buildings let you harvest 20 cows or 20 chickens at once. You can also rotate most items after placing them by holding the right mouse button and dragging the direction you want.

Farmville Vehicles:

You have to buy vehicles to get them on your farm, you can’t receive them as gifts. Farmville vehicles are a great way to speed up your planting, harvesting and ploughing. The currently available vehicles are the tractor, the seeder and the harvester. These devices allow you to plow, seed or harvest up to 4 plots of land at once. This means you can potentially make Farmville cash 4 times faster. When you run out of gas you can either wait for it to refill by itself or buy more using FarmVille cash.

Farmville Seeds:

Before you plant any seeds you must first plough the plots of land on your farm. All crops take different amounts of time of time to grow. They can take between two hours to four days to fully grow. Once the plants are fully grown they can be harvested for coins and in most cases experience points too. Crops that only take a couple hours don’t give you any experience points at all, while crops that take several days give you lots. Crops must be harvested within a certain amount of time or they will die, thus giving you no reward for harvesting them.

Farmville Cash:

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