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Guide Reviewed: FarmVille Secrets

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Review Summary:

FarmVille Secrets is the first and still maintains itself as one of the best guides out there in the market for the Farmville Game. It is constantly updated by one of the top FarmVille players, Tony Sanders and it has good content as well as detailed instructions and strategies to show players how to go about to dominate the game.

Affordably priced at $27, this provides excellent value for money and you get excellent tips and secrets to help you level up at top speed and earn tons of coins and FarmVille Cash.

Also, the FarmVille Secrets guide comes with great pictures, illustrations and this makes it easier to understand. Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos provided but it still is cheaper than FarmVille Champ (priced at $37) which may be the determining factor in considering this.


The FarmVille Secrets guide is one of the few guides around with caters for beginners as well as experts who want to dominate the Farmville game easily and come away with the most Farmville cash. It has excellent content and easy to understand which makes it easy for the reader to do the tricks and techniques.

It still presents good value for money based and you should consider this guide if you’re looking to excel in the game in no time, as early as tonight.

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