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So you’re way into FarmVille, you’ve got your little start-up and you’re hoeing away at it. Here are some quick tips to getting your little homestead rocking into a lush paradise of food and fun.
Save Money – the most basic FarmVille hint is, just like in life, saving your money. You get coins for doing things but Farm Cash is more scarce, just hold onto it until later and get the really good stuff.
Quick Crops – when you begin you’ll have a selection of crops to try planting, you want to focus on crops with a quick turn-around for quick cash. Here’s another hint: The fastest food in FarmVille are the raspberries, but you need to online to harvest them frequently. If you’re more infrequent stick with a mix of peas, sunflowers and rice.
A Word On “Cheats” – The way Znyga makes money is by making you want to spend real cash to save time, so they’ve been pretty thorough about blocking time-saving cheats that speed up the game. Most of the stuff you’ll read about on the internet is false, if you want to fast-forward your farm you’ll need to pay for it. Some cheats seem to work but then you’ll lose your work when you try to save, don’t bother.   Have Lots of Neighbors –  Here’s a FarmVille hint you should already have considered: the more neighbors you get the more people will be available to come help you out when you need it, and the more likely you’ll be to get gifts and bonuses. Community support is the backbone of any farm. You can also earn extra experience and coins by helping your neighbors. You get a 20 coin and 5 XP bonus for helping 20 neighbors in a day. You’ll also get Ribbon bonuses for having a certain number of neighbors.
Grab Those Ribbons – Your daily work of planting an harvesting will yield more than just coins and XP, you may win some Ribbons without even knowing what you did. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that these Ribbons don’t just look good, they also give you extra coins and XP. There are other Ribbons that are more difficult to get, requiring special achievements to unlock, but you’d do well to perform those tasks and get the bonuses.  Build Like Mad – Perhaps the most useful FarmVille hint: you have a lot of choices regarding home furnishings and pretty knick-knacks for your lawn, but some will give you more than just a nice atmosphere. You get big chunks of experience building useful structures on your property, consider the XP reward versus the price and go for the cheapest XP bonus you can, this will help you level up faster.   FarmVille is a game about peaceful fun but a little bit of strategy can make the difference between a peasant’s struggle and the stately life of a gentleman farmer. Going broke isn’t fun in real life or in the game, be careful with your money! Only click on the crops and structures that’ll give you the best bang for your buck. Take it slow. You’re going to grow into a full-fledged farmer before you know it.

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