Facebook FarmVille Cheats What You Need To Know


Facebook FarmVille cheats according to Google is one of the most frequent searches made through the powerful search engines and Bing would also agree.  People are hopelessly addicted to this simple farming game which draws millions and millions of more players each and every month.  Now once a game really gets going the players begin the quest of searching for cheats in the hopes that the hidden secrets will lead them all of the way to a million dollar Facebook FarmVille Villa.  Now I can tell you that through my massive attempts that a true Facebook FarmVille cheat really does not exist but what is out there on the positive side is a number of strategies that will make a difference unfortunately on the negative side a so called Facebook FarmVille cheat can get your account canceled and do a ton of damage to your computer.  Through this particular article I will cover both sides of the coin when it comes to Facebook FarmVille cheats.

Lets start with the good news when it comes to Facebook FarmVille cheats which are better off being called strategies. There are FarmVille fan sites out there that will tell you what animals or plants will out perform the rest and the really good ones will even break it down for you.  There is also the Facebook FarmVille hay bale cheat which is where you trap your poor farmer in a square formation of hay bales which speeds up your game dramatically.  Then there are the Facebook FarmVille Strategy Guides such as FarmVille Secrets and FarmVille Wizard both of which I have reviewed and you can not go wrong with either one of them.  With the strategy guides you can learn all of the techniques that will blaze a path to that million dollar FarmVille villa and you will become the envy of all of your Facebook friends and FarmVille neighbors.  The best part of the strategy guides and the few strategies that you will cross online is that they are a hundred percent legal so your Farmville account will never be in danger which leads us to the negative side of the coin.

Due to the explosion of popularity surrounding Facebook Farmville a number of people have created sites that promise you the world and all you have to do is submit your Farmville account name and password.  Before you can catch it this very illegal scam has your account spamming everyone and someone else has access to all sorts of personal information that they were able to gather after you basically opened the door hoping for FarmVille greatness instead you find out the true meaning behind the phrase Facebook FarmVille cheat.  Of course there are also the FarmVille trainers that have suddenly appeared which are more trouble than they are worth.  Along with getting your account banned for illegal activity your poor computer is suddenly violated by a mass of spy ware, viruses and who knows what else.  Here are the three basic rules when it comes to cheats for any game: (1) Never give out your name and password (2) Never download anything that does not come from the creator of the game (3) If you want a huge advantage over your friends and other players invest in a strategy guide.

Well there is my little piece regarding FarmVille Facebook Cheats.  Unfortunately everyone associated with Farmville is not a happy little farmer so some caution needs to be taken.

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