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There are a number of Facebook FarmVille cheats that are circulating the web on any given day but to be completely honest the so called cheats are more closer resembled to strategies than what would typically would be considered a cheat.  I have done a ton of searching regarding cheats involving FarmVille on Facebook and have yet to find anything where the user punches in a magical cheat code and suddenly you have the million dollar villa and a farm full of animals while being surrounded by countless neighbors.  I did however find and have tested the magical power to what has been referred to as the Facebook FarmVille hay bale cheat that is so easy to use and best of yet the affects of this cheat can be experienced in mere moments.

The Facebook FarmVille hay bale cheat speeds up your game rather dramatically.  Once it is in place instead of having to wait for your FarmVille farmer to walk to the section of the farm that needs your attention the game quickly speeds over saving you time.  To implement the hay bale cheat set up three hay bales in the center of the farm and get your FarmVille Farmer to stand inside than place a fourth hay bale trapping him inside.  Your FarmVille Farmer will still gain all of the same points that he usually would but now we do not have to wait for the slowest walking farmer in the history of video games.  This is a very easy strategy to do and any one who has been playing FarmVille for awhile has more than likely come across this little helper.

If you are looking for Facebook FarmVille cheats aka strategies that will actually make a difference to your game than you need to be looking at FarmVille Strategy Guides which will show you the right way to build your farm so you can take it to the highest levels.  The Facebook FarmVille hay bale cheat is a nice trick but jumping to the top of the heirarcy is what most serious FarmVille players are after and chances are they are using the help of a Strategy Guide and not making the same mistakes that 99 percent of FarmVille players continue to make.

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