Cityville Secrets to Super Fast Leveling


Cityville Secrets is a newly published guide to  zynga’s newest facebook game cityville.The things you need to think about  are if you really need a cityville  guide to begin with and if this guide is going to be of any use to you.

To begin with cityville is the most thought provoking game so  far released by zynga and combines many aspects from  previous games such as farmville and frontierville.  While the basic idea of constructing a city from scratch  seems relatively straight forward the sheer variety  of options as you move up through the levels in the  game can become a little overwhelming.

It will become a constant struggle between how much  available energy you have to run your city and what can be spared to use for expansion. The games designers make their cash  by allowing you to buy energy using real world money  via a credit card or by signing up to sponsors  offers.

If you wish to avoid using your own money to play cityville then you should look at  getting a cityville guide which will help with your  cityville strategy so that you get through the  various game tasks without putting your hand in  your pocket all the time.

Now if you do think a cityvile guide may be what  you want you need to figure out which one  works the quickest. A way to do that is to look at the  track record of the author.

Cityville Secrets has been authored by Tony Sanders  who is a well known writer for gaming strategy  guides. He also wrote the best farmville guide  around so you know he is giving the best information.

More importantly all his hints are allowed and  following his cityville hints and tips in the guide  will not get your account deleted like some other  strategies out there. He also is happy to give a  money back guarantee with his guide so it must be good.

Realisticly Cityville Secrets is going to be the fastest way for you to build a city without having to pay for it or spend hours trying to work out what you are doing.

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