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Ever since I started gaming CityVille I’ve been hooked on the game. I am no stranger to Farmville, yet this game is just off the hook. In case you play cityville, then you know what im talking about. This game is simply soo much better.

Of course if you’re really beginning to get into it like I am, you’ve probably already discovered a few strategy guides available on the market. Currently being the Cityville freak that we are, I moved ahead and bought every one of them. Out of all the guides, The CityVille Secrets has been very easily my favourite pick.

When I actually obtained the guide and bonuses I got extremely pleased.

Not simply were they well crafted, but also were very beneficial. I’m talking about if you browse and stick to this guide you Will become a much better CityVille player. After using the guide as well as following this I made a pile of cash, leveled extremely fast and also went on a building spree. My own city is now looking amazing, I’m at level 60 and I possess a ton of skyscrapers.
By using this guide is much like being provided unlimited cash and energy, you will enjoy the liberty to construct the city you want…

Indeed, the tutorial is really that good.

What’s even more good is that when you join you become a lifetime member. You are not just receiving the guide, you are receiving a lifetime membership for the club, so when fresh stuff comes out all you have to do is just sign in to the site and get your copy. .

So as you can see I am a big fan – if you’re searching to make the most from CityVille do yourself a favor and become a member of The CityVile Club. I wasted hours of our time looking for CityVille cheats as well as ways to produce free cash but it just does not work properly. You’ll need a guide if you need those things otherwise you merely is not going to get them!
Click here to go to The CityVille Club web site and download their guides!

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