Cheats For Farmville: How to Get Farmville Cash


With an increasingly huge amount of players looking for FarmVille cheats, tips and strategies online, it’s obvious this game isn’t going anywhere. As of October 2009, Farmville had over 55 million players. This isn’t just a basic game, it requires a certain degree of skill especially as you start to unlock more items. In the higher levels, it takes longer and longer to reach the next level. This is usually when most players start looking for FarmVille secrets, tips and strategies. Here are a few of my tricks:

Fast Farmville Experience Points and Farmville Coins

On the neighbors toolbar, pick any of your friends and click “Visit/Help Neighbor”. While the page is loading, keep clicking on “Visit/Help Neighbor”. Once you visit your neighbor’s farm you will get some random tasks to complete. Once you finish them, you’ll get more tasks. The more times you clicked on “Visit/Help Neighbor” while the page was loading, the more tasks you get. With every task you finish you will earn 5 Farmville Experience Points and 20 Farmville Coins.

When you offer help to your neighbors, it will earn you plenty of extra coins and experience points. Your friends will get notified when you help them out and many of them will return the favor. This process will help your neighbors get Farmville Ribbons and in turn, they will return the favor to you.

Best Farmville Crops

The best way to save time and increase production is to make full use of the time and resources you have every time you play Farmville. Predict when your plants will be ready for harvesting and don’t forget to play again when they’re ready. If you forget, they will die and you don’t get any rewards for harvesting dead crops. In other words, arrange your crops around your schedule. For example, if you know that you will be offline for 8 hours, plant a crop that takes at least 4 hours to grow.

These are just a few of my cheats for Farmville. Go to to read more!

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