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I was at my brothers house yesterday and seen his better half playing this game on facebook, to my surprise though it was not mafia wars or some poker game but a game based of handling a cafeteria. This game has only been out for two months and has already gained more members than Mafia wars! Just like farmville and mafia wars the target to attaining success in cafeteria world is making money by selling food for over you paid for the ingredients. This can sound simple but if they correct techniques are not implemented then you can finish up losing plenty of money and as a result have no capital to continue running the business. This is where a cafe world strategy guide comes into play and will help you reign over cafe world and make millions.
to start with. You will not have enough money to by all the fancy stuff for your cafeteria and this stuff will prove crucial in you leveling up later in the game. A few of these items like stoves or decorations will help in making your cafeteria more moneymaking but you have crawl before you walk so you want some basic methods to build enough enough cash to upgrade your equipment in your cafeteria.

The only way to try this is to work out which recipes pay out the most coins per hour and what the turnaround is to cook it. The earlier it cooks the quicker you can sell and make a fast profit!

to offer you a better idea, if you decided cook a spitfire roaster chicken it’ll cost 614 coins to make, 3200 to sell and one day to cook. You may profit 2585 from that dish in a single day suggesting that you may earn 108 coins per hour. However [*COMMA] if you cooked the Homestyle pot roast it would probably take 2 days to cook up, 1815 to make and 5750 to sell, this will sound better but if you consider the time it requires to cook and earning an hour – 81 coins p/h cooking a roaster chicken would be more profitable with the shorter turnaorund.

This can be an annoying task for some and for an amateur it can take hours to decipher which dishes are the best and which are way more lucrative with the less turnaround. This problem can be eliminated with a cafe world strategy guide that can offer you the inside knowledge on what strategies and methods you want to use to make millions of coins per day, level up quicker, and gain more experience points towards make the upgrades for greater profitability .

All of the info from these guides are taken from secrets and tactics Pro cafe world players are using each day. These players are not your ordinary dudes they make millions of coins in days and absolutely reign over their competition and even the server they’re hosted on!

To discover more about the way to rule cafe world follow the link below :

Cafe World Strategy Guide


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