3 Tips to Success on Farmville – Best Farmville Strategy


Farmville, the highly addictive new online game, isn’t all the difficult to master, but it’s certainly not as easy as it first seems. If you’ve just become a fan of Farmville and only recently started playing you may not realize that there’s a bunch of hidden strategies to get you leveling up quickly while building your coin reserve at the same time. It really doesn’t take long to get a solid grasp on the game and once that does happen I promise you, you’ll feel the urge to move up levels quickly. There are a few easy tips to keep in mind when you want to establish yourself as an established Farmville farmer.

1. Get as many neighbors as you can.

Neighbors are an important part of advancing in Farmville and not everyone realizes their significance. The fact that you need to have a specific number of neighbors before you can expand your farm is vital to remember. Neighbors also come with bonuses, so don’t lose sight of that.

2. Work on winning ribbons.

Winning ribbons is a great way to gain extra experience points and coins. Not everyone who plays Farmville focuses a lot of energy on winning ribbons, but it’s definitely something worth thinking about. It helps you to move along in the game from level to level and it also aids in building up your coin reserves so always keep it in mind.

3. Don’t forget to build.

Improving the appearance of your farm can be done through the purchase of discretionary items from the market. Be wary of how much money and time you’re putting into this approach though. You may fare better if you invest some of your money in buildings. You can make huge gains in experience points if you put buildings up on your property.

Ensuring you have enough coins to do the things you want and to advance is crucial to succeeding in Farmville. As much fun as it is don’t forget that if you want to get ahead in Farmville strategy has to be part of your game too.

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