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If you are like the many people who are currently attached with the newest Facebook game Farmville then you will want to keep reading. There are many things you can do that will help you easily level up fast. You will no longer have to watch all those others who are leveling up twice as fast as you. Instead what you need to do is just follow these few easy tips.

The first thing you can do is buy hay. You will need to clear a bit of land and get it ready. Next buy as much hay as you want or can. And then what you can do is either wait and sell it or quickly delete it. Doing either ones of these will greatly help you gain XP. And by deleting the hay you gain points faster but lose money. But if you want to sell the hay you gain lots of XP and also some money. Although the fastest way is to delete the barrels of hay. And you can keep doing this method as many times as you desire.

So if you want to start leveling up faster than anyone else then you need to use this tip. It will help you get to the level that you want fast. And you can use this tip for anything. Even planting crops like strawberries or soy bean works the best. Soon you will start noticing your XP climbing higher and higher. And you no longer will be the lowest out of all your friends. So follow this tip and make everyone start envying you on Farmville.

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