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With tens of millions of players, competing in Farmville means you need to get your strategies in order. One of the fundamental skills you need to learn, is using seeds correctly. Farmville seeds strategy is all about weighing up how much you stand to gain by planting a certain crop seed, against the time it takes to grow the crop, and how much the seeds cost to begin with.

Simply choosing seeds based on the speed at which they grow is bad strategy. Firstly, you need to consider how often you can log into your Facebook account to access your Farmville application. It is pointless planting crops that take two hours to grow, when you only get around to harvesting them by the time they are withered and wasted away to nothing. Plan your crops based primarily on your log-in schedule. If your schedule is pretty erratic, rather concentrate on trees and animals. These do not require as much attention as crops do, and can still make money if neglected for a long period of time. Trees will just lose the fruit, but can still make you money when the next batch of fruit ripens.

When your farm gets quite large – after level 20, consider using tractors and seeders to get your planting done. With a 25 percent time saving, this can make a huge difference on a big farm. Obviously, it is not really worth the expense on a small farm. All seeds have a seemingly complicated relationship with XP, cost and time ratios. The ratios have very little bearing on each other, and are specifically made to be treated as ‘trade-offs’. You need to build these trade-offs into your Farmville seeds strategy. There is no such thing as the ‘ultimate seed’. Your best coin earning crop will change, as you level up and gain access to more crops. The seeds you plant will either earn you a lot of XP and little cash, or lots of cash while bringing in less XP. Some crops will offer medium returns on both XP and cash, but will probably cost more than others on average, or will need a longer growing time.

One way to simplify your Farmville seeds strategy, is to work out the value of the crop you are planting, in terms of either coins earned per hour, or XP earned per hour. Using this method, you can form tables to sort out the seeds into the top 5 earners in each category for your relevant level. Make sure you adjust your list to keep it current, since circumstances change as you level up. Bear in mind that it is best to compile your own lists, since the game does get updated and the prices and values of seeds and crops can change over time.

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